Saturday, August 17, 2013

Pat talks about her Mom and Dad

We think we've figured out how to scan images from the scrapbook where Pat talks about her Mom (Marie Josephine Bednorz) and Dad (William Augustine Sullivan).  Let's see how they work.  Hoping you will try reading it using your web browser's magnification tool and that some of you will try to download this image and open it in your image viewer.  I'm not sure how Blogger handles image compression, so this is an experiment.  Looking for your input.

This is the first page of the scrapbook where Pat talks about her Mom:

Pat was only 8 or 9 when her Dad left the family and so she didn't know him as well as her Mom.  She uses words written by her older sister (our Aunt Toots, Mary Catherine, who became Sister Mary Augustine when she joined the convent). This is the page about her father:

Just a note or two:  William's birth year is listed as 1874 on his funeral card.  On his tombstone, his birth year is listed as 1883, but family "say" that that year is incorrect.  The information in my Legacy program list his birth year as 1877.  A mystery to be solved in future research.  My Uncle Gerry tells us that Grandma (Marie Josephine) had her ex-husband's remains returned to Oshkosh for burial, paid for his funeral, bought the cemetery plot (Riverside Cemetery in Oshkosh) and the headstone where they are both buried.  Grandpa was always broke and according to Gerry, he was an alcoholic which was a huge part of why they divorced in the first place.  More from Gerry once we can interview him and get his story.


  1. I am able to read the pages clearly on my phone. Just have to click then zoom in. Seems like it worked swell.

  2. Lynn I love what you've done. We don't know each other. I'm Tiny's eldest daughter Dianne. Since we have always lived "out West" none of us really got to know most of the Sullivan Family well, nor our grandmother, who we called Nano. I don't know where that name came from...probably Mom. :) I've already learned so much by reading this, not the least of which is the correct spelling of Bednorz. We always knew it as Bednarz. Everything that Aunt Pat said I was pretty much aware of since Mom told us the same things. Mom did speak of her father as well. He was an alcoholic yes, & sadly actually did pilfer (steal) money that his kids had earned. Mom said they were more fortunate than most during the Depression because he actually always had a job, tho' how much he contributed to the household is debatable. Where can I find Aunt Toots' biography? She is one I did know. What a special lady. Aunt Bink was my "other mother". I miss her very much. She lived a little over an hour from me for over 40 years. I was saddened when Greg moved her to TN, but he felt he needed to do that to care for her. Can't fault him for that, though she was very unhappy there for most of the time she was there. I'm looking forward to learning more about the Sullivan Clan.

  3. Yes, ditto Dianne. I have all of our Mom's travel journals, and I may even have Toots' biography in there. Our Grandmother (Nano) surely left a legacy of a lively mind, writing, and true grit for us. I always remember Mom saying something like, "My mother always....." when she was imparting something to us. Like "always sang this, or sewed this way, or made us go to the dictionary, or was always learning" and she made sure we did too. I think I met her only 2 or 3 times, but she did come out to my (first) wedding, which I thought was a pretty good thing to do for my mom.
    Thanks again for keeping it going.l...

  4. Thanksk Jan and Diane. This is a work in progress and not yet the most organized. But for the moment it needs to be in small pieces and I'm following suggestions from kids and cousins on what to post. I hope over this next year (before our reunion next summer, are you coming?) to flesh out our family history and have lots to share in some kind of book format next summer. A lofty goal...hoping I can find the time to do that for us all. You can be sure your stories like those above will be part of our history.
    By the way, I have met you - I believe it was Gerry's wedding in 1964. Jan and I hung out a lot together (same age - well, almost, I'm one day older than Jan) and I remember us getting ready at Grandma's house. It's the only time I can remember us being together....But I remember liking you all....