Thursday, January 1, 2015

I said I had a plan - well, I've had some help.  Thomas MacEntee has challenged the genealogy community to a Do Over.  The Do Over is a chance to slow down, back up and see with new eyes. Thomas has set up a Facebook group and a variety of social media to help us. Over 13 weeks, the community will re-visit good genealogy research strategies and apply them to our work.  With over 1000 members, this Do Over community has as many variations of doing over as there are members.

Thomas has provided a variety of social media connections for us, so there's something for everyone. Check out the Genealogy Do Over Facebook page where you'll find these links: 

If you are planning to be a part of the Genealogy Do-Over or you just want to watch and track participant progress and learn new research tricks - this is the place for you to ask questions and also share advice about the Genealogy Do-Over:
- List of topics:…/ or click the Files tab at the top of the page for a PDF you can print
- Email list: we'll be sending out the current week's topics along with tips and tricks each Friday. Visit to sign up.
- Pinterest board: blog posts from participants and neat tools and resources will be pinned on the Genealogy Do-Over board at

What does this all mean for Remembering Patricia Sullivan Hanson? Hopefully, some kind of written history by the end of this year. To do that means:
  • looking anew at the data I already have on our family, 
  • collecting more data and family stories,
  • continuing to work on our family photos, 
  • researching the locations and history of those locations
  • identifying/confirming relationships, 
  • putting everything into a genealogy database,
  • writing up what I find in a format that includes stories and photos
I'm putting this out here as part of my goals which include resurrecting this blog and writing family history.  Stay tuned. 

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